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5 Session Package – $500

  • Bi-weekly mental performance sessions
  • Builds a stronger and holistically more resilient mindset on and off the field
  • Personalized identification and development of tools/strategies to navigate “mental roadblocks”


10 Session Package – $900

  • Weekly mental performance sessions
  • In-depth support throughout your season or offseason


Mental Strength and College Recruiting Program – $2700

  • Includes online mental coaching sessions “playbook”
  • Access to your own Interactive Player ProfileĀ® (IPP) for direct communication with college coaches
  • College recruiting manual and database included
  • 6 one-on-one sessions


Full-Year Mental Performance Coaching – $5000

  • Ideal for gaining a competitive advantage and building a better relationship with yourself and your sport
  • All-access pass includes one-on-one sessions, real-time performance feedback, and personalized mental performance training program




Varsity Package

3 science-backed team sessions

Follows a three-step process:

  1. Building stronger team cohesion
  2. Determining outcome and process-based strategies
  3. Creating a team mental performance routine

Suggested for pre-season work; helpful at any time


MVP Package

3 science-backed team sessions


  1. Building a stronger culture and understanding of purpose
  2. Developing a team process strategy to improve training quality
  3. Building an in-game team performance routine

Suggested for mid-season work; helpful at any time


Championship Package

Ensures mental-performance support for the entire season


  • 3 startup sessions
  • Biweekly ongoing sessions throughout the season
  • Provides valuable feedback to players and coaches, measures progress, and improves the team on and off the field


Disclaimer:Ā All packages are tailored to fit the needs of the team and delivered by qualified mental-performance coaches.
– Pricing may vary depending on location, team size, and other factors. Please inquire for details.

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